Monday, February 22, 2010

Journal 3831 Update

Shame on me, I'm a bad writer for not having updated my blog since January. I've tried about 5 times literally, I've written opening paragraphs....whole blog posts even, only to just delete them. I guess it's just been one of those feelings where nothing was really worth publishing on here in the first place, which yes I know is silly because something, anything would be better than not posting.

Well, I have some exciting news. I just got my journal back from my lovely cousin and her kids in California. Before this, a close friend of mine took it with him to Brazil and I had to send it out pretty much the next morning so I didn't have a lot of time to have it to myself. Anyhow, I was flipping through it tonight after haphazardly tearing through the package and I could not help but smile like a fool.

In this book of blank pages are spotted, imprinted pages of love. It's all over, from the front to the back...romantic love, family love, sexual love, patriotic love, lost love, etc. I never imagined this would be a love themed journal by any means but it's just interesting to see, no to feel what loved ones and close friends express in words and pictures. I feel like a voyeur, like I shouldn't read it but it's mine, it's a strange feeling.

This journal project is truly enriching my life, one day at a time even when it's not in my possession. All I can hope for is that it's done the same for every single person who's touched it. I'll have it for the remainder of the week and it will be sent off again this weekend, though this time it is local, whew.