Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That's Not My Name

It was around midnight on Saturday or Sunday morning rather and in a relaxed yet slightly intoxicated stupor, I made my way out of the Violet Hour with my sister, her husband and my boyfriend. Upon walking out and dodging the throng of people waiting to get in I hear inquisitive whispers that include my name and then finally...."Tasha?!"

I ignore it at first, as I usually like to dodge people I know. Plus, if you have to be whispering about me before calling my name out in public why would I bother saying hello? By this point, my name was called about 3 or 4 times, louder and louder and so I stop and turn around to confront the bumbling idiot calling my name. I saw some familiar faces from high school. Can't a girl get a break on her birthday?

I hate running into people from high school and I'll openly admit it. I have the most awkward conversations and interactions with them. So what, we went to school together for some odd years, we really don't have to talk now.

I'm not putting anyone down by any means, I'm really good friends with a lot of peers from my high school, we talk, exchange hello's via Facebook and so forth, I respect a great deal of them but these are also certain people I've continuously maintained friendships with.

Here's what's really annoying about that night. When I stopped and faced them after calling my name out a multitude of times, they stared blankly at me. Maybe you should consider being prepared with a response, or follow up, perhaps "Hey, how are you?" But no, nothing. They started at me and I stared at them. I walked away of course, are you kidding me? What was the point in all of it, to announce to the public that you knew someone?

I keep my life and the people in it very separate from almost all of the people in my past. Now of course, there are a handful of great friendships I took along with me but for the most part I've found out that time and time again a good amount of these people don't change. It feels wrong to group them per se, but high school is so far away, I can barely remember it. I just feel so awkward when I do run into them because we run out of things to say after the "What'd you do after graduation?" conversation.

If you're going to call my name out five damn times in public say something after you've got my attention. Actually, don't waste your breath because 9 times out of 10 I'll walk on pretending I don't hear you.

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