Monday, June 21, 2010

The Writing Won't Be On the Wall

In light of some personal realizations I've made the choice to remove myself from the Facebook community. It's been a presence in my mind for quite some time now and after evaluating my life in terms of what I want, need and where I wish to be in the future, Facebook is not a part in any of those plans.

So why does it sound like I'm talking about letting go of a relationship, it's a social networking site, not a person right? Reality check: Facebook was something I was a part of every single day. It was a part of my morning routine, as soon as I checked my emails upon waking up and again on my commute to the office. It was a part of my workday, I always kept an open screen to view updates. It was a part of any lunch or dinner plans in the form of pictures of my meal and checking in on Yelp.

And last night, after an argument with my boyfriend, Facebook became a part of us, our fight and our relationship with just an insignificant moment of weakness on my part.

No more. At first I thought I would slowly ween myself off of Facebook, maybe set a countdown of some sort to login and/or update less. And then I realized this morning, I'm not addicted to Facebook -- there is no chemical substance I'm dependent on.

I am a person; I am a living, breathing, loving, working, intelligent individual.

Facebook is a web site whose online relationships proliferate because of only one reason: we choose to and willingly participate in these menial interactions.

I participate in these menial interactions.

You have to know where you are to know where you're going. So, where am I?

I'm an aunt with a precious nephew I can't take my eyes off of. I'm in love and living with a man who changes my life for the better every single day. I'm friends with thoughtful individuals who inspire me constantly.

And I couldn't possibly ask for anything more than that.

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