Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Gramps

April 22nd is here again and I wish I could say it's getting easier. I mean, in the general scope of things I'm okay really but ever since you passed a part of me left with you. In reflecting on how to add and remove people from my life, in losing you I've learned that sometimes the leaving can't be helped.

You should know that everyone is happy, healthy and our family is growing.

You should also know that I'm so in love Gramps, I wish you could meet him. Lolo Boy thinks he looks just like you back in the day. The way he takes care of me reminds me of how you cared for Grandma. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve him.

When we cleaned up the house a few weekends ago mom came across boxes upon boxes of my toys and onesies that you'd saved. I'm not sure why you saved it but I suppose you didn't need a reason, you were always like a father to me. Seeing my baby clothes carefully folded and packed ever so delicately meant a lot to me. Those are pieces of me that I can give to my kids, pieces that are so much more than pictures in an album. Thank you for saving them.

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