Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday siSTAR!

Sometimes I forget that my sister Czarina and I are 14 months apart in age. I feel like we're at completely different points in our lives, both of which are finely tuned to our personal likings. The other day I was thinking about school and how following after her in every grade was nothing short of difficult when we were younger. As if packed schedules of honors classes wasn't daunting enough, following in my sister's footsteps was an entirely separate challenge. The roll call at the beginning of class for every new year was always met with a hesitant, "...Gregorio? Natasha?" I'd nod of course, raise my hand and smile and answer the question that always proceeded that moment, "Yes, Czarina's sister." And every year I'd enter classrooms with the bar already set. The funny thing is, it wasn't only until recently that following my sister was actually an honor. At her wedding this past June I actually based my Maid of Honor speech on her perfection. And I didn't write it with blinders on or anything, I really do feel that way. Inside and out, to me she is without flaw and I'm lucky to have even been associated with such an honorable and studious academic reputation, at the very least.

Czarina turned 24 today! I woke up late this morning at quarter to 9 and jumped out of bed to make my 9 o'clock cardio kickboxing class. (I've made the commitment to go to the gym 6 days a week this year.) After that class finished I decided to stay for yoga at 10, thinking I'd have enough time to shower and get ready for her birthday lunch at Uncle Julio's. So mistaken. Instead of showering and changing I decided that buying an embarrassing display of balloons was more important. On a crazy time crunch, I literally twiddled my thumbs as the lady behind the counter slowly (we're talking sloth-like) inflated 12 latex balloons and 1 mylar balloon. I ran out of the store, carefully placed the gigantic balloon obstruction in my tiny car and sped home where I met my parents to head to the city. Needless to say, I rocked my yoga wear to Uncle Julio's. Oh yeah. Don't I look like I'm 12? See, not all women go to the gym with full on make-up. Eh. 
How cute is she? She begged for us not to sing in the middle of restaurant but anyone who knows my family knows that we live to embarrass one another and there is no room to negotiate otherwise.  She was mortified but she knows we love her. Happy Birthday TVB!

Since we were already in the area, the entire family split up and ran errands before meeting back at my sister's and Mike's apartment.  Not so much the Crate and Barrel fanatic, I decided to go to Blick with my brother where I wandered the aisles like a kid in a candy store.  I had to convince myself that I didn't need yet another Moleskine but...I decided to take up Watercoloring. Look at what all this free time is doing to me! So I bought some supplies and fancy watercolor paper in the hopes of exploring my creativity through painting.  Isn't that exciting? Oh and, I ordered a trial from Rosetta Stone to begin learning French. :)  There's so much I want to do and realized that there's no better time than right now to do them.  Ah, it's good to be unemployed. As long as I have my gym membership and my car, I'm a happy girl.  


  1. Thanks for the very sweet post TVB. We're really going to have to do something about those blinders of yours :0)

    love you!