Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With 2008 coming to a close, I can't help but begin to feel a little nostalgic. I have to say that this has been the most transitional year in my life thus far and I'm terrified to see it go. Yes, terrified.

For so many years and by default, my life ran on a cycle which revolved mainly around school. I knew of nothing else. And upon the completion of my college career just a few weeks ago, my life now seems out of control. I've enjoyed the freedom of doing all the things I want on my own time but it's all beginning to feel too liberating. And I don't know if it's odd to complain about having so much free time but I've never been one to just "go with the flow." I have always been a creature of habit and needed some semblance of order in my life. Lately I feel like everything and everyone around me is moving at a set pace while I watch my life tread by in slow motion. There's nothing like it really, and I can't really describe it any more than I already have.

When I was in school I whined about finishing and needing a break and now that I'm out of school I feel that I'm suffering a fate much worse. And it doesn't help that the job market (in my field especially) is not doing well. I imagined myself to have a month-long break and then jumping right back into the mix, but that's not looking very promising at this juncture. I'm currently entertaining the idea of finding some consulting work just for a change of scenery. I need something in my life to change because I'm starting to get a little stir crazy.

You know it's funny when I started to write this blog I had no intention of it sounding negative but it's not until I really begin to write that I realize what is nagging me. On a lighter note, I really am looking forward what 2009 will bring, although I actually believe we bring the things we want in life to ourselves. I don't believe in luck, fate or destiny. I believe in hard work, ambition and determination. Nothing like a little affirmation to turn the blog positive eh? God I hope I get out of this funk soon.

How about a quick recap of my favorite 2008 moments in pictures?
JANUARY 2008: I bought my car, not sure why there's no snow on the ground.

FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008: I don't have any pictures on here without accessing my Facebook and you all know how I feel about that. Plus, I didn't take a lot of pictures on my birthday because it was a gigantic mess thanks to my insane ex-boyfriend.

APRIL 2008: The realization of the pointlessness of clubbing, the amusement that gravity brings, and double wedding shower madness.

MAY 2008: My sister Michaela's bachelorette celebration, rehearsal dinner and wedding! She's an Azul now!

JUNE 2008: My sister Czarina's bachelorette celebration festivities and her wedding, she's a Carden now!

JULY 2008: The Taste with my best friend, feeding duckies before eating again round 2 and turkey legs...also the 3rd annual B & W Party.

AUGUST 2008: The very last first-day of school for Jacky and I!

SEPTEMBER 2008: Best friend and Mom's birthdays!

OCTOBER 2008: Chilly weather = scarves and light coat season! Can you tell this is beginning to be a lot of work?

NOVEMBER 2008: Soliciting Fran at work, gingerbread house making and Thanksgiving!

DECEMBER 2008: I've been a little preoccupied so the only picture I have from this month is that one that I took yesterday (of my new boots with my new camera!). Happy New Year's, I look forward to the stream of mass texts tomorrow night!


  1. girrrrl, you look GREAT in that last picture!!

  2. Awwww lady, I love this post. Good way to end the year. Thanks for everything this past year! Love you! :)

  3. Oh btw you do look amazing in your last pic! Has my Tasha lost even more weight?? It sure looks like it! :)