Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stay With It

I've practiced yoga with several different instructors in various studios and gyms and also at different levels of difficulty. One of my favorite things that these instructors had in common was said to the class when we were posed in the most uncomfortable of positions. "Stay with it, the pain won't last long." 

And of course, it wasn't really painful or else your body would tell you to release the position, but to hear that reminder in class kept me going, kept me folded, kept me twisted, kept me bent. I say that phrase to myself more often these days and outside of the yoga classes. 

A few weeks ago when my tires were stolen and I was laid off the very next day I couldn't help but feel utterly defeated. But I said to myself, both verbally and internally..."Stay with it Tash, it won't last long." 

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that the pain simply means we're alive. Tires are replaceable and a job is just another opportunity. More importantly, our careers are not what makes us who we are, but rather its what we do. Stay with it.  


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