Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frame of Reference

I wrote this poem last September in my English 490 (Advanced Writing of Poetry) class. I've been trying to rework it but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I woke up this morning and wanted to edit this specific poem because a year ago it meant something entirely different to me. And I wanted to change it, not completely, but enough to tell a different story than originally intended. Let me know what you think. If you want to see the original, just ask.

Frame of Reference

Air conditioned
air attacks my
exposed neckline as

slideshow images of
the city morph in
to more rural shots.


In one particular
scene I
catch a glimpse of towering,
splintered wood whose bolts and
wiring coax me back
to a sunset on a hill.

POP. 3700

Subtle desperation. In the way
you held me
up against you.

Forceful, aggressive. Your
wanton lips inhale mine, inquisitive.
Searching perhaps for an answer
that I--

Rows of posts extend, impose--hovering. The hard
ground beneath us is
judgmental. But still your
thrusts saturate me, not like
they used to--
If you see something,
say something.

Buzzing, humming lines of electricity live.

I stare directly at them.
At you, at them.

you feel foreign.

It was the realization of knowing
the difference between
fucking and making

I know what it was for

It was. It went.
It was
the first time we fucked.
It was
the first time I knew
I no longer had
your answer.


  1. Deep. Poetry to me is still rhyming. haha That's why I'm not an English major ;-) jk

    And thanks for the congrats. Actually, for about 2 years before Dylan was born, I didn't even WANT kids! Even the days before he was born I distinctly remember my husband getting mad at me bc I wouldn't stop saying how much I didn't want a baby, couldn't take care of a baby, etc. Partially nerves talking, partially the truth. I guess some things are just meant to be.

    I'm glad you and many others seem to think I am a good mother to Dylan though! =) Means a lot.

    Are you graduating this year?

  2. I feel like I had read this before...maybe? I don't remember. This poem is so real, so full of's a beautiful well written poem. I'm not familiar with what a "good poem" is but in my book it is an A++... ;)