Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's a boy!

It's really not. I ran out of work yesterday and headed to Dominick's to pick up a balloon for my best friend. Last week was her 23rd birthday but she decided to celebrate it a week later because there were too many scheduling conflicts. Anyhow, with a firm grip around a Dora The Explorer balloon reading "Feliz Cumpleanos," another balloon caught my attention. This bright blue balloon had a smiley face on one side and then in continuous lines on the other side, it read "It's a boy!" Now of course I had to get the congratulatory baby balloon. It's also part of an inside joke we have.

Previously mentioned balloon tied tightly to a notch in my backseat.

A best friend running late should always bring cupcakes.

She didn't read the balloon, but almost died laughing when I pointed it out.

Jacky and I at Big Bowl.

Those of us that chose to sit on the inside had no way to get out. Francesca thought it might be easier to go under the table. On her way back to the booth, she got stuck underneath the table.

True story:Our waiter had to move tables so she could get out, one of the highlights of my week.

So those of you that know me well know that I am obsessed with green beans. If you share my affinity for the green bean I highly recommend the Sichuan Pepper Green Beans at Big Bowl. Spicy!

What's one surefire way to kill time to make the food come faster? Picture taking, of course!

Francesca. Natasha. Jacalyn.

Herro, do you rike fortune cookie?

Post dinner picture taking. (It doesn't end.)

Clarks love right there.

Lindsey loves bofts. Ha.

I tried to take a cool picture-mirror-reflection shot, but it didn't quite work out.

So after Big Bowl we headed to Soundbar (lame) so that we could get our drink and dance on. I didn't drink because I knew Francesca wanted to and since she drove her car, I was responsible for driving us home. Plus, I don't need the extra calories! After Soundbar, Fran and I were famished and were then coerced into heading to our favorite post-clubbing restaurant by her boyfriend's friends. Her boyfriend, Tony, had to work early in the morning so he didn't join us and his friends took us out to dinner at 4am. Not really dinner though, huh? Chinatown's Three Happiness is the only restaurant that is capable of satiating such hunger pangs. The smaller one on Wentworth, not the big one across from the public parking lot. If you haven't been there I highly suggest you go. NOW!

We ate ourselves into a food coma. This is everything we couldn't eat! Crazy, I know.

I think that's all I have for now. We got home at 5am and slept for barely two hours until our alarms went off simultaneously at 7:45 am. I had to be at work at a quarter to nine this morning and guess who sat in traffic, therefore resulting in showing up late to work. My brain is fried, my body aches from dancing in four inch heels, and I'm starving! I haven't eaten since our Chinatown binging session in the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully I can try to resolve one of those ailments. Until then...

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  1. your friend jacky looks like this one girl on the Disney channel. she's on the show "That's so Raven" haha yes...i used to watch disney channel up until about a year ago =P