Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Your red Triple Five
Soul hoodie, amusement at
its fit falling
just above my knees.

Space that used to be mine
upper left nook that I molded in
to without effort. I fell in love with a

A drive. you took my hand
in yours like you needed to be
near me. I fell
asleep against you. Three hours later
you had
not yet let go.

Admiration in your gaze
watching me.
I sat across from you
eating semi-raw,
undercooked ramen--the
only way you knew I ate them.

Halloween. Hours of preparation secured
my tiara. "Bobby pin" significance.
Urgency. you pulled me
in to you. Ripping--no tearing, it off. Freeing
long, black curls against naked skin.

Friday nights balled under blankets
on your couch. You always let me
have the outside. Your favorite way
to hold me.

Racing you out of the driveway
in the morning.
Side mirror "I love you's."

Two clotted blots of black on
your white button down. Vulnerability
in the craning of your neck--straining
to hear me over fireworks.

Firmness. You carried
me, cradled. You carried me
everywhere, careful. I'd remind you
I wasn't
so fragile.

Nursing home shifts. Messed hair,
chapstick, white scrubs. The way
you said, "You're beautiful," newly. Like
it was the first time every time.

Camels and Acqua di Gio--
violent inhalations.

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