Friday, December 12, 2008


In the fall of 2004, I walked into UIC as an intended nursing major. On Wednesday night, I walked out an English major. Every moment leading up to that very day was filled with anticipation, excitement and apprehension. And now that Wednesday has come and gone, I can't believe I'm finally done with school. I distinctly remember filling the bubbles in on my Scantron for my last final happening in slow motion, the pencil circling each letter in slow, graphite swirls. Walking off of the campus for the last time was surreal as well, like placing the last piece of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in its respective, vacant slot.

Needless to say, I'm ten kinds of happy right now. I also want to thank everyone for their unwavering support in my days as an undergrad, I couldn't have done it without you.

Now to be brutally honest, I don't know what to do with myself. Everyone close to me is begging me to take a break, reminding me of the whirlwind that has been the past twelve months of non-stop school and work. But I can't help but to want to stay busy, to stay focused, organized and planned. For the past twelve months, it's all I've known. And we can't forget my poor day-planner with color coded events specifying my work schedule, essay due dates, even down to my workout schedule. That day-planner is completed, it being the end of the year and all. Which by the way, where did the time go? Lately it feels every time I look forward to something it arrives almost too soon and I'm left wishing it hadn't happened so fast.

I've applied for several jobs so hopefully I'll be busy again soon, hopefully not too soon. But I will say this, it feels amazing to be done with school and finally be the proud owner of Bachelor's Degree. It feels amazing to plan my weekends for me, and not for working on essays, projects or presentations. I love waking up and not having to rush out the door, and although I won't do it, I love that I have the option to spend whole days in bed with a good book. Okay, maybe I will do it, but not entire days I promise!

I'm also really excited because now I have all the time to focus on my health again. Now that I've slowly incorporated meat back into my diet, I've lost five pounds in less than a week. I'm not saying that's healthy, but I think I was doing the vegetarian diet unhealthily towards the end and my body was in dire need of protein. Also, although I have a Bally's on Townline Rd and literally three minutes away from me, but I still drive out to my favorite Bally's in Deerfield, which is a drive that is starting to bother me. After meeting my sister who is a member at Lifetime Fitness, at her gym on Wednesday morning, I didn't need much persuasion in deciding to make the switch. Deep down, I blame the steam room, where I definitely almost fell asleep. Anyhow, I've decided to join Lifetime again (I used to be a member in Algonquin), and I cannot wait to get started. The Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills is the largest Lifetime location in the nation and requires Onyx membership for its facility and services. And although it's three times the monthly fee than Bally's, it's highly worth it and it's a lot closer to me, about five miles down Milwaukee Avenue and I'm in need of some change myself. I was going to go first thing this morning but after realizing I was too sore to get out of bed, decided against it. Besides, I should take advantage of sleeping in more often right?

On a final note, I know I said I really wanted to start reading Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception, but after careful consideration, I have picked up the intimidating Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I should be done with it by oh, February. Surely, I'm joking with you, besides anyone can read a book quickly, but how much of the information do they actually retain? So for my first book non-school related, I'm reading Atlas Shrugged. Go big or go home right?


  1. yay, welcome to your first big step into the "real" world. And Atlas Shrugged eh...I see my influence has not wavered upon your graduation :0)

    Can't wait to discuss it with you. Super proud and happy for you. &hearts

  2. I'm so proud of you lady. Thanks so much for making my last semester a great one. Love you!