Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Signal

About three hours ago I tried to send a text message. After twenty minutes without a reply I checked to see if the message was actually sent or in my outbox. Sure enough, the message was not sent. I turned the phone off after realizing it was "searching for a network." Two hours go by and I'm turning my phone and off, taking the battery out and putting back in and nothing changes. Eventually I call T-Mobile to try to troubleshoot the problem with my Shadow. In a call that lasted a little over an hour, my phone is still useless. So I've moved my SIM card back to my old BlackBerry to see if the problem is the card or the phone. It's funny because I'm not really upset mostly in part because the men that helped me tonight were hilarious. So just an update, I'm not screening calls or texts, I'm just having some technical difficulties.

In other news...
  • I totally called that Pacman would defeat De La Hoya in the 8th round. And what happened? TKO at the end of the eighth round. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little sad for De La Hoya. It was clearly an uneven match for the latter who looked helpless at the start of round 5.

  • I have decided to longer abstain from eating meat. There are several reasons for this decision, so ask me and I'll tell you. I have decided though that I'm not going to eat red meat, no burgers or steaks here.

  • I met Devon last night! My sister's best friend, Ria, had her precious baby boy two months ago. He is the most adorable baby I've seen in my life, with the most pinchable cheeks ever!

  • Always buy enough icing for the cupcakes you bake. (In my defense, my sister was at the store and was doing me a favor by picking up icing for me so she didn't know which kind I usually buy for when I bake. Thanks though!)
And now get ready for some pictures. Don't make fun of my apron!

Remember that Christmas tree I was telling you about outside my work? It was snowing yesterday and look how big it is!
Doing what I do best, baking!Letting the cupcakes cool before icing them while also admiring the festive cupcake wrappers.TA-DA! I ran out of icing.
Oh, Dev-Dev I miss you!
Czarina feeding Devon.
Devon looks curious but still a cutie.
He was holding my hand :)

UPDATE: My phone is officially out of commission. Actually, not my phone -- my SIM card, so I have to take it in and swap it for a new one tomorrow. If you can't get a hold of me, that is why. Sorry in advance! If you need me just leave a voicemail which I promise to check periodically.

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