Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm fairly certain it's safe to say that it has finally snowed! Sure, it's been snowing intermittently for the past few weeks, but nothing has actually accumulated on the ground. As of yesterday however, that has changed.

When I woke up this morning a bright, white light reflected into my bedroom, and like a little girl waking on Christmas morning I sprang out of bed and pulled the blinds open.

I was unprepared for how much snow had fallen, it wasn't a record storm or anything, but just seeing a significant amount of snow on the ground takes me to my happy place, where joy and an oddly calming sensation unite. Bottom line: I love the first snowfall. Nothing makes me happier. What makes me almost as happy is driving in the snow. I love the control of a stick shift, gliding along in neutral while everyone around you panics, slamming the breaks and fishtailing. 'Tis. The. Season!

Waiting for the elevator on the 6th floor of my building:
Even when I had to clean off my car I was smiling. So it wasn't that much work, but the snow was heavy and I could only reach so far to clean off my windshield.
The trick is to open the door without letting snow fall inside.I figured I didn't need to clean off my moonroof, I couldn't reach it if I wanted to.This picture is for Fran: Pandapple & Frosty say hello :)Half an hour later it was safe to drive...So pretty...And that's my blog about snow. I love snow. Don't hate me.

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