Monday, March 16, 2009

All The Wrong Places

i. in the chill that blanketed me on that Spring night, fingers
unbuttoning thoughts,
look further.

ii. on my arms, in the un-space where my skin pressed up against your skin,
just skin, justskin. was it there?

iii. melting into pillows underneath you with an
echoing agreement
with b | r | o | k | e | n sighs.
(check beneath the covers.)

iv. was it in the arch of my back?

v. was it in the drop of sweat that gathered, heavy
on your brow?

vi. did it rest on top of you as I
positioned myself in place?

vii. then / now, is / was, a separation:
separating you from I without so much the courtesy of a
hyphen or comma. just empty white space.

maybe that's where it was all this time.
or maybe it was never there.

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