Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lush Bofts

I debated about whether or not to go to my one and only class today and ultimately decided to go since the weather was so nice. So I got ready, got dressed and got on the train.

In sending my regular "good morning" texts to my best friend, she reveals to me that she has the day off. I insist she come downtown so we can have quality "boft" time and she does. We always tend to have the best time together when we don't plan ahead, our schedules work best when we make spontaneous dates.

Anyhow, we headed to Water Tower to visit her boyfriend, Tony, and have lunch to satisfy our craving for salad that only the salad bar in the food court would appease. We've practically mastered the art of making our own salads there, it's ridiculous. Tony had sushi though and I realized I didn't miss it as much as I thought, true story. We talked about what was new in our lives, school, work, and at one point I had to convince Tony I wasn't dating five guys like he thinks I am. Where does he get these ideas? Fran and I were so entertained because when we all go out we still feel like Tony is there to babysit us, oh how we love old men.

After lunch we dropped our stuff off at Clarks, Tony's store, and prepared ourselves to do some damage. She's been persuading me to try Lush for sometime now but I've never gotten around to it. Sure, I've been inside the store and played with the vegan lotion bars, but I haven't really taken the time to really notice the products. Let me just tell you that we spent nearly two hours inside Lush. Oh my goodness, we practically had to be pulled out of the store. We saw a bath bomb demonstration and literally sampled every tester and every scent imaginable. I can't wait to shower and wash my face, and what's really exciting is that it's all vegan and all natural, no chemicals added whatsoever.

I got soap, perfume, shampoo and face wash that hint at one scent in particular, jasmine. How weird, because I didn't even realize I liked jasmine. As soon as I picked it up I just knew it smelled like "me." And Fran said the exact same thing. As soon as I smell it I think of sex. I'm not joking, not the smell of sex lol, but just sex. It's honestly the sexiest scent I've ever come across. Watch out world. I can't stop smelling it! Uh, I can't really explain it. Guess you'll have to smell me!

After deciding to finally leave one of the most amazing places on earth, we headed out and crossed the street to H & M, sadly we returned empty handed. We did however, make our way back to Water Tower and into the....FRANGO store. Oh my goodness, I almost died. We picked up a couple small boxes, a Frango cookie and some cute little mints she's loved since forever.

So like the nerds that we are, we took our goodies and sat down and talked about our Lush products over chocolate. We were loud as usual, cracking jokes that only she and I would ever understand (is, are, is, are?). I really can't describe how nice it was to sit there with her doing nothing at all but still having a really fun time. That's the thing about best friends I guess, you really only do need each other.

Oh! And so we got a cookie that we wanted to share together, so I took it and said that she would get the bigger piece, and then broke it in my hands. What are the chances that the cookie would break evenly down the middle? More laughter.

So I drove us home and we came back to my place so she could change. For those of you who don't know, I've been looking everywhere for my black pencil skirt, not realizing that I had left it at her house a month ago in a frenzy to change into something else.
So she came back here and we changed clothes like we always do--so much so in fact that we forget that half of our closets are filled with the other's clothes. I put on her shirt and she put on my dress and belt and the silly boftness time ensued. :)

And yet another pointless but fun blog from yours truly. Seriously, school is keeping me so busy that I'm using my blog as more of an update site and compilation of random daily goings on.

I'm still writing poems though, just ask my Moleskine. You know what though, I've been too happy lately that even my poems are reflective of it, not really something I know how to use to my benefit in writing. But there's a big shocker huh? Another writer who writes best about pain. I'm trying to break the stereotype, give me some time :)

Aren't you glad to be updated on the fact that I'm now currently obsessed with Lush? I hear Christmas gift ideas. Mmhmm.

And here's our favorite picture that she's insisting I post on my blog. This one's for you boft, thanks so much for today. Love you!
And with that, I'm jumping in the shower with all my sexy scented Lush stuff. And finally I can wash my face with "Angels on Bare Skin," Fran's new favorite thing. I'll think of you in the shower dear ;)

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