Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

It seems a little early this year, but I get to work and what do I find!?

Several burly men assembling this gigantic Christmas tree! Although this picture is sans the burly men, (I think they went on break) you can still see this huge tree. Or, huge frame of a tree rather. How exciting is this? I for one am pretty damn excited.

Last year, since the academy is located in the center of the quad, several Christmas trees (much smaller than that one) were put up, lining the cobblestone pathway with festively decorated and beautifully lit trees. I guess this year they decided to make one giant tree instead. No complaints here.

I'm suddenly craving a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. I might just run to Starbucks, but that will certainly ruin my appetite.

Now I don't know where those men went but I hope they come back soon because I want to see that beauty in all her glory. I'll post more pictures if they continue tonight, otherwise I'm here all day tomorrow and you better believe I'll be waiting for it to be completed!

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