Friday, November 7, 2008

Mixing it up

So I always get caught up in the playlists I create on my iPod and end up listening to them non-stop when I'm commuting. Eventually, I get sick of the playlist and just put my entire iPod on shuffle, but somehow the songs on the most recent playlist that I'm trying to get away from play anyway. It's so easy for me to get in to a funk with my music, I have the attention span of a peanut. I do most of my writing on the train, unable to really write while sitting still in a silent room. And while I'm on the train, I'm almost always plugged in to my jams, inspiration if you will.

Thumbing through my Moleskine, I notice I haven't written anything since Monday. And I write something everyday in that thing. Midterms (exams and papers) have gotten so intense that it has been impossible for me to make any new mixes, both for my iPod and my car. Speaking of midterms, let me just say that I got a 103% on my all-essay British Literature exam. The numbness in my right hand that day was entirely worth it.

Like my boredom with the playlists, I also tend to grow bored of my CD's. I recently gave a stack of CD's to Fran on Wednesday so I knew I needed to make a new mix for my car. And tonight, I did just that...I've also put the mix on my iPod for workout purposes. The first two songs are a little mellow for working out but they're what I call "feel good" jams. Sam Sparro's cover of "American Boy" is surprisingly refreshing. And "Autumn Sweater" is mellow too but with the weather being as cold as it is, I thought it was appropriate to add it. You should also google the lyrics to the song too, I love the lyrics. Anyways, I really need to get back to doing my hardcore cardio routine this week because I don't want to grow dependent on losing weight without working out. And especially since I'm on my second week as a vegetarian, I'm losing weight by just eating healthier, and I definitely want to get toned, hence the need for cardio. (I'm pretty sure that previous sentence is a run-on, my brain is scattered from a really busy day at work.) I don't know why it's so difficult for me to get to the gym everyday, I used to go everyday religiously and now I'm lucky if I go twice a week. Keeping my iPod updated makes a big difference, so I'll try to stay on top of that.

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  1. 103%? My mathematical mind is saying that's a bit of an impossible score to get on a test, but maybe it's different here in the UK to how it is in the US.
    Your blog is inspiring. Not sure how I found it but I'm glad I have.