Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, we can!

So I went to bed ridiculously early at ten last night to make sure I wasn't too tired to get up at 5am. I got up, got ready and got to my polling place at quarter to 6, it was still dark outside. People looked at me as I stood in line, clearly the youngest person up to vote at 6am. The line was already out the door but on a nice morning such as this one, no one minded. I really enjoyed that everyone in line was friendly and fun to talk to. The last time I voted it was at night and the lines were really long.

An elderly lady arrived and I insisted she stand in front of me, when everyone else heard me offer her my place in line, others overheard and persuaded her to move to the very front of the line. It's funny how perfect strangers can provide a sense of unity, cheesy huh?

Well, I'm happy to say I'm proudly rocking my "PROUD TO VOTE" sticker (on my ostentatiously blue coat). Anyhow, history is going to happen either way, so be a part of it and vote!

I'll probably update later on if anything exciting happens downtown. No, I am not going to the rally, I was a little too slow on the e-mail registration process :(

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