Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Best Friend,

Me and You, from that infamous night, you know the one.

I was driving home today and popped in a random CD. And do you know what I heard? Shake & Pop, by Green Velvet. I nearly swerved off the road. Suddenly a montage of our infamous nights out clubbing came back to me, VIP treatment, the comped drinks, access behind the DJ booth, the fake engagement rings, after parties, the drunken breakfasts at IHOP, and how can I forget the secret code words in lieu of, "Get this f***ing creep away from me!," or "It's too dark in here, what does he look like?" Gone are the days of our reckless youth, my dear. And even as I type this on a Friday night, I'm so happy to just be home, eating sushi and watching Entourage in my sweats and Bears hoodie. (A far cry from tight tops with plunging necklines, tight jeans and four inch stilletos.) Do you remember how much pain we were in on your birthday at Soundbar? We're getting old Fran, we can't rock it like we used to!

It's a silly example, but I love to think about how far we've come, both in our friendship and as individuals. My first memory of you was in Professor Pate's English class, (um, yeah...) you sat across from me, with your long hair and braces. We played a game of two truths and one lie, and you said something about a yo-yo. I think about all our random memories and I can't help but smile, grateful to have you in my life. Even when we talked today, we're not sure why but we are so comfortable with one another it's almost unhealthy! When my life gets chaotic, you set it back into order. And I know I've been a little MIA lately (sorry), but I miss you, and love you.

When you get stressed out again, just read this and remember when:
  1. You left me with Eduardo.
  2. Blueberry! Blueberry! Blueberry!
  3. "Where did he go?"
  4. Washing machine
  5. No, really, she's not interested.
  6. The alphabet (that was 80% me!)
  7. Toros sure are number one
  8. Boho-cheeeek
  9. Wait, you have a tattoo?
  10. Reindeer are real?
  11. "Poetry" (british accent)
  12. That's sawa like it
  13. You work at one OH clock
  14. Me: "Hey, I think that's *******, don't wave." You: (waves obnoxiously)
  15. boofs + wine coolers + pizza = one of the best sleepovers ever
  16. Hooters escapades
  17. swee-thurt & lo-at-he

Love always,
Your S/C

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