Sunday, October 12, 2008

Facebook's Final Attempts

After an entire morning and mid-afternoon worth of saving pictures from my Facebook account, I am pleased to announce that...


I love that they have an easy reactivation option, what's that about? Now it feels so unofficial. Anyhow, I was personally entertained at Facebook's final attempts at reasoning with me to stay. For every option on the deactivation page, they've come up with counter-arguments about what you could do instead of deleting your account.

First of all, high five to the guy who came up with the first reason, honestly, funniest thing I've laughed at all day. And literally, for every button up there (I clicked on all of them) there is a balloon with an excuse for why you shouldn't delete your account. Points for effort FB, points for effort. It's the end of an era my friends. Life sans Facebook has begun! :)

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