Monday, October 27, 2008


I sit inside a window sill
and listen to my thoughts.

I sleep inside the voids unfilled
where new memories form new clots.

I see these images in front of me
that mar what I wish they were.

I reach out for you in the morning
only to grab a fistful of air.

I strain to live bravely in my definition of
that word, where was and is confuse
me and want and need are unheard.

1 comment:

  1. "Thanks for not making me feel like I'm not a bad person for not wanting that."

    I hope you meant thanks for MAKING me feel like...! haha

    They have lentils in a can and dry but canned stuff is always worse for you since the sodium is usually high...the dry ones I cook and then put them in a rice cooker. How asian am i...=P Otherwise, for more simple things, they have some good soups out there. I actually hate beans and the like so I really only eat them bc I know they are good for me. haha