Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meow and a Mini Family Reunion

Yesterday I met up with my cousins, Jannie and Joanna, from Evanston. I haven't seen them in more than ten years. We used to spend summers in California, oh the memories. The matching outfits, the daylong games of tong its, backyard barbecues, and (gasp) a choreographed dance skit birthday gift? It was so good catching up, we've appointed Jannie as reunion coordinator, we figured either Denver or Vegas for the location, although c'mon, who wouldn't pick Vegas?! Let's hope it's not another ten years. Family is love, that's all.


Lol at this guys. Was her name really Meow?
(Note: Now that I've been looking at this, I'm guessing it might actually the program that prints the receipts, that's more probable huh? Either way, we still got a good laugh.)

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