Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food For Thought

If you are what you eat, then I am eel wrapped in seaweed, rolled in rice, dressed in black caviar. Yum. Well, that's what I ate for lunch today anyway.

Every Wednesday, I have a lunch date with my friend, Alice.
I sat there, chopsticks in hand, listening to her story idea for a fiction piece she plans to write in the next few weeks. We begin to talk about everything, plans for our Chicago Filipino American Film Festival outing, Spanish class memories instigated by her random sighting of our awesome professor, my recommendation for Cut Copy's first album, Bright Like Neon Love, which by the way I'm starting to love more than their second album, In Ghost Colours. I'm not sure how the conversation turned, but suddenly she mentions that she's a vegetarian. At this point, the chopsticks are put down and I begin to ask her what seems like a thousand questions.

First let me say this, do you ever think you know someone, like truly know someone, and then they reveal something about themselves that you would never have guessed on your own? I love learning new things about my friends, it's so refreshing. Anyhow, when she divulged this, I stared at her in shock and admiration, it was as if she was telling me she volunteers at a soup kitchen. I really look up to individuals who try new things to live to their fullest potential, especially when those choices take an extra amount of effort on their behalf.

Alice has been a vegetarian for seven years, deciding to go sans meat in her sophomore year of high school after watching a PETA video. Don't get me wrong, she's certainly not hardcore pro-PETA, but the video really did affect her. The same shocked look is still plastered on my face as she tells me this. She then goes on to continue to answer all my questions. I've been interested in trying it out for a few months now, I like that it's so detoxifying and it's good for your body, if done properly. She tells me she always feels so light and refreshed, which I would love to feel nowadays.

After completely changing my diet around this time last year, I've become more healthy both physically and mentally, having lost a little over 40lbs now. I do feel however, that it's time I take the next step, like my body needs something more. It's so difficult to try and go vegetarian living at home with parents who are constantly cooking pork, beef and fish. Fish, I love fish. I could write a poem about fish. Going vegetarian would mean no more sushi with fish, crab, or eel. That would definitely be one of the hardest parts I'd have to overcome. There are always avocado and asparagus rolls, but will it be enough?!

So I've decided to start next week on Monday. No meat, fish or poultry. I'd have to really make an effort to include my protein in my diet, thankfully she's given me many tips and ideas. I'm only going to do this for a week to see how I feel afterwards and evaluate if this is something I could benefit from in the long term. I'm so excited to start though!

She mentioned this vegan ice cream hot spot in NYC, that she promises to take me to when I'm ever there, to get "the best ice cream" she's ever had. Oh, I should probably mention that Alice is planning to move to NYC after graduating, she is one of my pro's on my list of why I should go, the writing scene and the music scene are among others. But we'll see what happens when I get to that point, as for now I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for seven days without meat, fish and poultry. Who am I kidding? I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for seven days without sushi that has crab, eel and tuna! One day at time, right?

Thanks so much Alice, you're my favorite rockstar. I hope you know that in the next couple days I'm going to be bugging you day and night about what's okay to eat!

P.S. Oh! And last week, I wrote about the lyrics to "Hands Down," that I saw written on the wall of the women's bathroom in Stevenson Hall. For some strange reason, I ended up in that same stall today and just so happened to have my camera on me.


  1. oooh, i just HAD to comment on this entry!

    I was vegan for 2 years, up until about 1/3 thru my pregnancy (I had weight loss issues which forced me to eat meat). I LOVED being vegan and if my husband wasn't a meat & potatoes kind of guy, I'd switch back in a heartbeat.

    My advice to you though is that it may take more than a wk for you to feel the results. Meat stays in your system for quite a while longer than other things you consume. Have you ever read the book, "Skinny Bitch"? Although I don't agree with all of it, it brings up a good point: when you eat meat, you're eating a dead carcass. It is a really good read for wanting to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle (only one chapter is about meat). I waited quite awhile, past what the dr's said, to give dylan his first taste of meat. There are so many other healthier ways to get iron and protein.

    I used to be really into PETA but I never went around trying to rub my views off on other people. I hate people like that. My bf at the time, parents, friends, etc all were serious meat eaters but I just found ways around it. Even now, I don't eat meat probably 5 out of the 7 days and I haven't consumed red meat in over 10 years. For me though, I'm an animal lover and the thought of eating meat just disgusts me. Even now if I do eat it, I can't think about it otherwise I end up throwing it away.

    And vegan ice cream IS the bomb, IF you find the right brands. =)

    Hey and ask Franny...on a drunken night she slept over and ate vegan pizza with me back in the day. It is gooood. Though being vegan is way different than being vegetarian..being vegetarian forces you to look up new ways to get your iron, protein, and other vitamins but the other ways are usually HEALTHIER. I was introduced to SO many new foods when I converted to veganism and even now I eat them on a regular basis.

    I was so excited to read this post haha I wish you the best of luck on your tryout and I hope you find that it does your body good! Ok and seriously, your post made me want to go back to not eating meat. Hm...

    Let me know how it goes!!

  2. holy crap, that was the longest comment in history. Probably longer than your blog. SORRY!!! (see what happens when you excite me with your blogs? =P)