Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fire Alarms And...

UPDATE: So after a day of what seemed like never-ending exams, I made my way to my last class. I walked into the classroom and up the steps to the third row and low and behold, at my feet on the third step is a brochure that I pick up, whose bold and bright lettering reads, "WHY YOU SHOULD BE A VEGETARIAN." Weird, right? Well I certainly don't believe in fate or destiny or anything, but I do believe in coincidences, and this one motivated me even more. Just thought I'd share that with you today after my blog last night.

Also, I meant to reveal something about myself after learning about Alice being a vegetarian but forgot to while trying to write yesterday. Only two people know this about me but I have a serious attraction to fire alarms. I'm not kidding, every single time I walk into a new building, I almost always spot the fire alarm, probably because I'm also usually looking for one. I'm not sure what this fascination with fire alarms is all about, but I've always wanted to pull one, not to set off the alarm and incite a panic, but because it's contained in this protective glass casing just begging to be pulled. I can't explain it. How's that for random?

I just watched the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Honestly, I don't know what to make of it yet. The credits began to roll and I kind of just sat there, still trying to process what I'd just seen. First off, I will say this, Daniel Johnston is nothing short of brilliant. I just downloaded some of his songs which are some of the most raw confessions in the form of music that I've ever heard. Johnston has also been diagnosed as manic depressive, or bipolar. Someone close to me is diagnosed with manic depression and I realized, in watching this documentary, that a lot of his mannerisms and episodes truly hit home. If anything, it really drew me in, like I could almost make sense of his wonderful chaos. He's also a talented artist, a skill that came naturally to him that stemmed from his love for comics. His drawings really remind me of Federico Fellini's sketches from his dream diary released after his death entitled, Federico Fellini: The Book of Dreams, which I've had the opportunity to thumb through. Fellini claimed to live quite literally in his imagination, unable to distinguish the truth from the imaginary, and the diary is just stunning to look through. I can definitely see a parallel between Daniel Johnston and Federico Fellini, they're both the kind of individuals who, after being exposed to, you walk away kind of stumbling and speechless, only craving to know more. And that experience does not happen often.

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  1. haha! well thank you for the award! graciously accepted. glad to hear that someone, other than my hubby, thinks i am doing a good job. and yeah, that was goebberts in south barrington. my first time!

    i would say try to give it at least 2 weeks, a month if you were able to last. i know you filipinos love your meat =P jk i hope you didn't take that offensively but my ex's mom (flip) never could understand why i wouldn't eat meat haha you probably would start feeling a difference by the end of the first week, beginning of the second. But everyone is different...meat, for me, just feels like it weighs me down. i had more energy when i stopped. and overall, i just FELT more healthy.

    but, thanks to your blog, i will prob end up being vegetarian again. i don't think i'd go full blown vegan again...i loved begin vegan but i will admit, it was sometimes a pain. however, i will be what is known as a pesci-vegetarian bc i won't give up fish. i did before, but my love for fish exceeds anything else hahaha and also, to me, fish doesn't feel as heavy as meat meat. that was the only thing that tortured me when i was vegan. i missed seafood SO MUCH!! i had no prob without dairy and anything else, but fish...ugh. -)

    Again, let me know how it goes. i really am interested. it really isn't that hard if it's something you WANT to do, you know? Eat lentils -- they give you a lot of protein =P